DIY Mermaid Tiara from the Dollar Store!

make a seashell crown from a plastic dollar store party favor. DIY mermaid costume tiara using plastic tiara, seashells, starfish or seastars, rhinestone chain trim, glue.

Halloween Mermaid Makeup for Adults

Adult Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Mermaid

What little girl didn't want to be a mermaid at one point? Adult Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Mermaid : Decorating : Home & Garden Television

Mermaid makeup is taking over Instagram, and we're more than a little obsessed.

15 Insanely Cool Ways to Do Mermaid Makeup This Halloween

adult mermaid costume diy | costume you make a fall in love project costume instructions how to ...

DIY Halloween Costumes: The Classics

I would want a purple tank top instead of just the bra top, but the jewelry is really fun and I could see this working for Halloween. The green skirt would be wearable at other times.


Green Sexy Sequin Mermaid Tail Skirt Costume S M L XL Adult Womens

So cute! For a Mermaid costume :)

Mermaid Starfish Bandeau handmade custom on Victoria's Secret Madi Push-Up Bikini Top. For a mermaid costume!