I support Andy changing his hair and it's okay to not like it but please do not send him hate messages. It's his hair, not fuckin yours

The fan page of Andy Biersack singer of Black Veil Brides If you want to contact me:.

Andy Biersack Pictures - 4th Annual Revolver Golden God Awards ...

Andy Biersack in 4th Annual Revolver Golden God Awards - Nominees Announcement

Recording artist Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides attends the Annual Revolver Golden God Awards nominees announcement at the GRAMMY Museum on February 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

andy biersack short hair | who's the hottest guy in black veil brides?

off center hair, IDK, I like this sort of hair style but can't decide which way I prefer it done.

Cutest creature I ever seen.  I used to think Bill Kaulitz was the most beautiful guy I ever saw until he stopped crafting himself as the finest painting in the world and just looked like he stopped giving a f*ck. :(   But this Andy could actually be approaching the same kind of precisely crafted beauty. XD   -Andy Biersack / BVB

Andy Biersack everyone. I love you Andy! (He is also very attractive, I mean wowza!

black veil brides - Andy Six

A young Andy (Sixx) Biersack looking a bit afraid of what's around the bend.