who is the animal here?

Require Animal Cruelty Offenders To Pay Animal Care Cost By Law! - Please sign and share this petition everywhere on all media websites in an effort to get New Hampshire. signatures on petition)

Please don't finance heartbreaking violent animal cruelty. Please help me save the Animals

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May is animal abuse awareness month. There is nothing more innocent than animals & children. Speak up against animal abuse.

You are making a difference. Via @the_vegan_collective

Be One Less Person Harming Animals. Quotes about animals. Animal Cruelty needs to stop. Put an end to cruelty done to animals. Animal abuse is not okay.


Also, if we try to maintain this meat eating at this rate, we'll all die anyway. Not as fast maybe, but it's asking too much of the earth. Even if it weren't cruel, it'd still be cruel!


Romain Rolland, Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, on the reason why any "man whose mind is free" will find the suffering of animals even more intolerable than the suffering of man.

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If you wouldn't eat a dog, why are you eating a pig? There is NO difference between abusing your pet or abusing a farm animal. WAKE UP people! Put your taste buds and egos aside and realize what you're actually doing!