Corsica Ram Skull

Design Toscano Corsican Ram Skull and Horns Wall Trophy: Features: -Wall trophy.

nonalimmen:  I want to fill up my whole house with animal skulls.

nonalimmen: “ I want to fill up my whole house with animal skulls.

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A rare Dibitag Gazelles skull, Northern Somalia, found as a skull in Size: skull 20 cm; height with horns 24 cm. Photo: Oliver Hoare Ltd.

Tiger Skull | From a unique collection of antique and modern taxidermy at

Tiger Skull

View this item and discover similar taxidermy for sale at - A tiger skull mounted on a block of lucite and housed in a custom mechanism to keep the jaw open for display.

I miss living in the country, where a simple walk in a pine forest always revealed treasures.

animal skull ref A ram's skull for the two small ram skulls on the front of the tower.

I like how this deer skull has a pattern on it. I could experiment with this idea, like having the skull fade into another colour.

Deer skull shed buck hand painted with buck by BoneCanvas on Etsy Could use this as reference for painting on my bear skull :)

Cat Skull Mask - painted (top) - FOR SALE - by on @DeviantArt

A domestic cat skull mask modified to fit the human head. I had lots of fun making this and if you wait a little longer there will also be a bottom jaw . Cat Skull Mask - painted (top) - FOR SALE -

giraffa camelopardalis (giraffe neck and vertebrae)

giraffa camelopardalis (giraffe neck and vertebrae). A giraffe has the same number of neck vertebrae as a mouse!