Relaxing aquarium screensaver for TV or PC, in 4K or HD :)

Relaxing aquarium screensaver for TV or PC, in or HD :)

Angel fish

Have you ever wondered why some marine fish have a large black dot on their bodies? Those black dots are the camouflage pattern of the fis.

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Oh, if only angels and swordtails and African cichlids and tiger barbs would get along this well in real life.

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Dream aquarium 1.2592 screensaver rus

Dream aquarium 1.2592 screensaver rus

A beautiful aquarium screensaver with real living coral. Impress your friends with this amazing fish tank featuring exotic fish. View the video clip at

The Living Coral Aquarium is a beautiful fish tank we discovered in a luxury home in Dubai. It makes the perfect aquarium screensaver or HD TV video.