aquarius.... we are most compatible..... we drive each other crazy at times..... but we always have each other's back.... not a perfect love story but certainly my favorite... #Babe

so weird. I have always loved the number seven and never knew it was my lucky! and duh violet and blue are my lucky colors.

Capricorn and Cancer <3  Dear god, please make the love of my life be a Capricorn

Most of them are very true. Except for Gemini though. I'm perfect for Gemini. Sadly I don't know any male Gemini for me.

#Aquarius Love match #Astrology

#Aquarius Love match #Astrology

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interestingly true, but I find that the star sign characteristics end up having a lot of antithesis that disguises the fact that anyone can be an Aquarius/Leo/Taurus/etc

Taurus Aquarius Love Match And Compatibility:- Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility This Taurus and Aquarius compatibility is not so good in astrology because both of them come with the same dominant personality. Taurus would like to spend most of the time with their family, while Aquarius would have an intention to move away...

Taurus_Aquarius :- Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility, Taurus man and Aquarius woman & Taurus woman and Aquarius man


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