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Cardio Fast Lane: 25-Minute Arc Trainer Workout

Skip the elliptical and get more out of your cardio workout with this fast, fat-blasting plan for the Cybex Arc Trainer. This cardio machine gives you a total-body workout with little impact on your knees and joints.

Momma Mandi : Burn 500 Calories with this 30 Minute Arc Trainer Workout!

Good evening everyone, Another uneventful day around here. I've been to about a million stores and firework stands today looking for spark.

30 Minute Arc Trainer Workout-3

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Cybex workout!  My gym just got some of these and I'm pumped!

Love the cybex, I turn my netflix app on and can go 40 minutes easy. Best cardio/leg combo machine hands down. Already seeing some major butt toning :-)