Exclusive First Look Of Colton Haynes As Red Arrow/Arsenal In Arrow Season 3

See Colton Haynes as Arsenal in 'Arrow' season 3

Colton Haynes Arsenal - Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) in his heroic costume for season 3 of Arrow.

Captain Lance #Arrow #3x18 #Season3

Oliver Queen is the Arrow P. Sometimes i really wanna kick Detective Lance hard -_-

The Flash cast: professionals. The Arrow cast: let's see...Paul, professional; Willa, being funny playing up the adorable; Emily and John, false tonsil hockey to make every man jealous; THE STAR OF THE FRICKING SHOW, his favorite baseball hat on his phone laughing at his life/friends.

I swear everytime I see them together, John Barrowman & Emily Bett Rickards are just being plain weird.<----- but they are sooo funny!

Arrow - Oliver and Diggle #3.4 #Season3 <3

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Arrow - Oliver & Felicity #3.23 #Season3 #Olicity <3

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Arrow - Oliver & Felicity I believe I had to stifle my screaming at this point, just so I could hear the rest of that freaking adorable moment

Arrow - Oliver and Felicity #3.1 That broke my heart a little. Why can't those two crazy kids get it together?!?

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:) Arrow Season 3 Episode 1 after a bomb explodes in the restaurant Oliver and Felicity are eating in

Green Arrow puts the team together in the new action-packed Arrow Season 5 trailer | Live for Films

It's just one more day until the premiere of Arrow's fifth season. EW spoke with executive producer and co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim about whats ahead for Oliver and co. as Prometheus is set to drive Oliver back to killing.