creative art doors or a wall in craft room - someday - many years from now, when I have time

creative art doors or a wall in craft room - someday - many years from now, when I have time for Leia

photo of: Poster on Art room Door via RainbowsWithinReach

Art Masters in Early Elementary: Art History 101

Art History Early Elementary Response to the Masters. Paintings, Drawings and more inspired by Mondrian, Picasso, Van Gogh, Johnson and Kandinsky. Art teacher support RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach

Cool idea for a bulletin board

This is my art room sign above my door made from Fun Foam. So I like to get a few things done for "next year" (which is really less tha.

Word Wall Art | I wanted some wall art that took up a lot of… | Flickr

There are many words, font styles, font designs, and font sizes of the wall word art that we can choose.This wall word art with simple and cute words is good.

If you’ve noticed the giant bins of school supplies populating every Wal-Mart in your area, then you know it’s about to become every parent’s favorite time of the year: back to school. But parents aren’t the only ones counting down the days, teachers are too. Our gift to you, our teachers, is a bunch of …

53 Classroom Door Decoration Projects for Teachers

Maple Grove art teacher Meggan Bebout created an amazing door display to welcome students and parents into her classroom. Bebout used colored paper and a grass hula skirt to create this eye-catching display. - on the Art door

nice visual to post on door... students evaluate themselves, classroom teacher can see how her class behaved

Behavior Management Strategies - Visible Goals & Daily Evaluations

One word makers to help kids evaluate behavior. Could be customized ANY WAY. Magnetic, colored smile and frown faces help kids see what is being done well, and what needs work.