Athena - Goddess of Wisdom Courage & Strength.

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom, Government, the Crafts, and Wise Counsel in War, and patron goddess of Athens. This painting uniquely portrays the virgin goddess as a mature woman of a stature and physique that are appropriate for a warrior.

Artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano - Title: Unknown - Card: Soaring Daybreaker Pallas

Arte y Conceptos Fantasía-RPG Parte 2

Artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano - Title: Unknown - Card: Soaring Daybreaker Pallas Plus

MITOLOGIA GRIEGA - Dioses y Leyendas: Atenea ....Si si...! esta soy yo!!!

Day Background Music Incantations Part 4 - Hymn to Diana, Mike Oldfield

Attention les yeux ! Voici aujourd’hui une sélection de superbes illustrations créées par Cynthia Sheppard. Cette artiste américaine basée à Seattle travaille actuellement pour Wizards of the Coast sur le très célèbre jeu Magic: The Gathering. Ses oeuvres ont aussi été exposées plusieurs fois sur le territoire américain. Pour en voir davantage, visitez son portfolio et […]

Les sublimes peintures digitales de Cynthia Sheppard

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom Courage & Strength. She appears in the story of the Odyssey. She is completely loyal and protective of Odysseus and his family. Although a female, she is seen as a strong god who should not be messed with. Athena is pictured in this strong pose due to the fact that in all the stories she appears in, she is a strong warrior.

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Strategy. She was always accompanied by her owl and the goddess of victory, Nike.


todos los dioses de god of war I , II y III

Medusa  ~~ Why so serious, Medusa?? ;)

Medusa ~~ taken by Poseidon in Atenea's temple and condemned by her to become into a lethal creature. The Gorgons in general, as Vernant proposed, manifested a symbol of the death.

Athenea. Figura que corona la fuente delante del Parlamento en Viena. Escultura ejecutada por el escultor Carl Kundman bajo diseño del arquitecto Hansen  el mismo que  construyó el Parlamento . 1898-1903

statue of Athena with Nike, so called "Pallas Athena" - Goddess Athena hold on other goddes Nike, at the Vienna