Austin Powers in Goldmember

Guess who this guy in Goldmember is? Fred Savage (better known as Kevin Arnold from The Wonder Years)!

Fat Bastard from "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"

Researcher Wants FDA to Ban Trans Fat -- A researcher who specializes in heart disease sued the U. Food and Drug Administration for refusing to ban artificial trans fat from the food supply.

Sharks with friggin' laser beams.

The 50 Best Jokes From The "Austin Powers" Trilogy

friggin sharks with friggin laser beams attached to their friggin heads!

"I Need A Young Priest & An Old Priest". "Sick As A Dog - Gonna Vom". "All I Wanted Was A Freakin' Rotating Chair".

The 50 Best Jokes From The 'Austin Powers' Trilogy

Note: This post works better if you read each quote in the appropriate accent.

Fat Bastard from Austin Powers:

20 Things You Might Not Know About The Austin Powers Films

Austin Powers, Baby! Yeah! by walkeragnr - Meme Center

Austin Powers, Baby! Yeah!

Funny pictures about Yeah baby! Oh, and cool pics about Yeah baby! Also, Yeah baby!

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21 Things That Are So Damn True

With Jesus, this is completely inaccurate, but still so funny😂 this is us trying to turn life around on our own.

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