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Dolphins are such talented, beautiful and smart creatures. I have no idea how someone could could dislike them.

a newborn dolphin

Just a newborn dolphin

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Best of friends, Jet the dolphin and Miri the seal at Pet Porpoise Pool, Coffs Harbour, Australia - 25 Jun 2012.

Animal Odd Couples: Unlikely friendships in the Animal Kingdom

Meet Jet and Miri, a baby dolphin and baby seal that have formed an unlikely friendship. The three-year-olds have been inseperable since they were just two months old, say staff at Pet Porpoise Pool, a marine center in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

The curious liger cub who struck up an unlikely friendship with dolphins

Beast friends: The dolphins who became mates with a liger cub (that's a cross between a lion and a tiger)

Insanely Cute Pictures Of A Man Taking Care Of An Orphaned Baby Dolphin

This good man nurtured a baby dolphin back to good health. Wonder about what happened to the baby dolphin's mother? Only God knew.

Brookfield Zoo Welcomes New Baby Dolphin (PHOTOS)

LOOK: This Newborn Dolphin Loves Swimming With Mom

I have NEVER seen this many dolphins together playing! How Dolphins Delight me!

spend time with dolphins in the wild. San Carlos, Mexico = a dolphin pod in the thousands = IT WAS AMAZING