Mama and baby dragon

Camuco (blue) is a clear sky dragon while Eako (red) is an sun blast dragon. Eako is determined, speedy and is the second youngest.

Similar to this dragon for a connect the dot tattoo Art: Little Treasures by Artist Nico Niemi

Little Treasures by Artist Nico Niemi This drawing was super cute, and I really like unicorns and dragons, The childlike style is great and gives it such a whimsical feel.

"This is my dragon, Ice Blast... no... more like best friend." -Emily

ambiguous_gender cat-meff crystal dragon feet horn ice invalid_tag looking_at_viewer rainbow shine smoke solo steam thorns wings

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"How to Create a Cute Baby Dragon Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop," by Monika Zagrobelna, via Design Tuts+.