I AM NOT OKAY<<I'm thinking of cute, not of what comes of this promise, okay... don't make me think of what comes of the promise!!!

Mary 🎄 Christmas ⛸ on

Tadashi meets Hiro as a baby. Hiro reminds me of Tarzan, in the sceane when Tarzan meets the Gorilla Kala.

Baby Tarzan by xXSamyahXx

From Disney animated film 'Tarzan' Tarzan (c) Disney hope u like it Baby Tarzan

Baby Tarzan by DesperateDuchess

I got Tarzan for christmas and we just watched it! I just had to draw that sweet baby Tarzan face Tarzan (c) Disney Baby Tarzan

Baby Tarzan sketch

After reuniting with the film, Tarzan, I was compelled once again to the brilliant animation in the last film of the Disney Renaissance.

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*KALA & TARZAN ~ Tarzan, 1999                                                                                                                                                     More

Sooo cute if I ever have baby's I would love for him to look like this:)