David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr. (He looks pretty awesome in leather!)

18 Jokes Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Find Funny

David Tennant Photo Of The Day - August As Barty Crouch Jr in 'Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire' - November 2005

Barty Crouch Jr. = David Tennant.  TOTALLY FANGIRLED.   Harry Potter + Doctor Who.  Head Exploded.  Coolest thing in my life. <3

Holy crap I didn't know the guy who played Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter is actually the same actor who is the one and only Doctor on Doctor Who holy crap that's awesome. Well that case Harry Potter would be screwed.

this is the David Tennant "which came first?" paradox scenario - Doctor Who / Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter

No because They had the bigger on the inside technology in the book which was before they knew about David Tennant playing Barty Crouch jr

Doctor Who/Harry Potter. MAYBE THE DOCTOR IS BARTY CROUCH JR!!! Well, I'm going too far.

"Awful things happen to wizards who meddle with time." ~ Doctor Who & Harry Potter!

Harry Potter - Memories Tom Riddle/Barty Crouch Jr by maXKennedy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I don't ship them (at this point Harry is only paired with Tom - though the exception is Harry x Cedric), but every time I see this I envy the style. I need to study it and see if it can help me with my own.

tardisadventures:  thefuryofatimelord:  findingpadfoot:  Only Harry Potter fans will get this one.I was looking through screencaps from “Rise of the Cybermen”And I was like “O_____O Crouch?”    OH MY GOD.

I just watched this episode and fangirled a lot, because Barty Crouch Jr. and Barty Crouch are in the same episode! And this time Barty Crouch is the evil one! Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover. Also, more proof that Britain only has like 10 actors.

hahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah! love it!

hehehe if you have not seen David Tennant in Harry potter yet go back and look for him. hes in the fourth movie Barty Crouch Jr

This is why Barty Crouch Jr looks like the Doctor and is "evil"...so does that make Death Eaters Time Lords? - Headcannon accepted

Harry Potter Dalek - " aboard the lolnope train"