Beach Photo Frame Bring a pretty carved-wood frame to the beach – and azure blue one looks particularly beautiful, we think. Bury a corner i...

Dec 14 Year in Review with 1canoe2

Photo frame beach photography idea, definetly going to do this at my next beach wedding. Doesn't have to be the beach.

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10 Life-Changing Apps

Friends at the beach, girls, on the shore, in the water, beach fun! With my girls and my sister

Fun stuff to do at the beach.

Kids at the beach photo shoot.funny faces in the sand. can you see who is snapping the picture? / Sand faces photo by ~skystryd on deviantART

So cute! Do every year at same time.

Family footprints at the beach ~ fun vacation pic idea Doing this while we have the sand

Here are some fun things to do with your friends. Definitely doing this in the summer with my girl!!

awesome bff pictures Hinds-Hergenreter Hinds-Hergenreter Hinds-Hergenreter Bradley-Caitlin Matthews BEACH THIS SUMMER! we need to do this!

Baby beach pictures

Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures