Turtle Birthmark Improvement. I have a beauty mark on my chest I was going to turn into a sunflower in college.....sooooo glad I did not do that one but this is cool!

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here's no denying that birthmarks make people self conscious. However, with their designs, these tattooists helped people cover their birthmarks and to regain

birthmark tattoo

20+ Creative Tattoos that Transform Birthmarks into Clever Works of Art

Always loved the idea of a constellation tattoo but my freckles make it impossible. Or maybe a super talented tattoo artist could use my freckles.

This looks like a birthmark, exactly what I want!

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Brown ink world map tattoo.this would be awesome with your home state! I would do Colorado! Then I wouldn't get in trouble for getting a tattoo because it looks like a birthmark! :-) love the brown ink

Watercolor fox tattoo by Haruka

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