When you think you’re gonna get smart and tell her you’re calling the cops: | 36 Situations That Are Too Real For People With Black American Moms

When you think you're gonna get smart and tell her you're calling the cops:

This is seriously the greatest picture to ever picture what the fuck is happening

None of this makes any sense (50 Photos)

17 Things That Will Happen When You Grow Up With A Strict Black Mom

17 Moments Anyone Who Grew Up With A Strict Mom Will Understand

UnFunFact- The KKK currently has more active members in the United States than all terrorist groups in the world combined. Educate yourself & while your at it, check out their website.--No joke. #2016

Seriously what is wrong with a black person meeting their friends if they happen to also be black.

Kool-aid humor, funny. Black people be like...white people be like...

If you can't taste the diabetes you ain't doing it right. oh my god i cant breathe. this is how i make kool aid too though lol

that is so true

So true. Black people can't just knock on the door. They gotta make a beat