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L joke of the week. This week a blonde gets in trouble.

Dumb Blonde Jokes | Today I had an experience, one where I would be called “adumb blond ...

Ok, it has been awhile but this one was way to good - it is time for a real funny blonde joke. Not a joke but so.

Bad Pun Dog

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hahaha!! I don't mean this as offensive to anyone, i'm a blonde myself.

This is actually very offensive. My hair is blonde with natural brown and copper highlights but I used to have Elsa-blonde hair. Most blondes are not dumb

If you could only see the file of blonde jokes in my head...

BlondeThere were three blondes walking on a trail. The first blonde said, 'Those look like deer tracks.' The second blonde said, 'No, those are totally moose tracks.

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Monday Morning Randomness

Funny pictures about A blonde police officer stops a blonde driver. Oh, and cool pics about A blonde police officer stops a blonde driver. Also, A blonde police officer stops a blonde driver photos.


I don't get it <------well you see the brunette had killed 42 people with the train and after the blonde hair girl died she started chanting 43 witch means that she has killed 43 people