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tensegrity and rotegrity tensile reciprocal frame structure design variations for architecture design, hexagonal pentagonal triangular tensegrity structures

Buckminster Fuller taught at SIU Carbondale from 1959 to 1970. #SuccessfulSaluki

buckminster fuller :: best known for the invention of the geodesic dome –the lightest, strongest, and most cost-effective structure ever devised. over domes dot the globe today.

Buckminster Fuller holds one of his inventions, a tensegrity sphere, made of rods and cables, proposed as the basis for floating habitats known as Spherical Tensegrity Atmospheric Research Stations (or “STARS”), 1979. Fuller envisioned giant versions of the structure that were so light and strong that when they were filled with hot air, they’d float above the Earth, supporting stations up to a mile in diameter.

Buckminster Fuller's Design For The Stars

Geodesic domes rule - Buckminster Fuller

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'Geodesic' a term coined by Buckminster Fuller in Self supporting structure of interlocking triangles requiring no crossbeams.

Operating manual for spaceship earth is a short book by R. Buckminster Fuller, first published in 1968, following an address with a similar title given to the 50th annual convention of the American Planners Association in Washington D.C., October 16 1967. PCOTThe book relates Earth to a spaceship flying through space. The spaceship has a finite amount of resources and cannot be resupplied. Fuller would later partner with the Walt Disney Co to consult on an attraction at EPCOT Center.

Operating manual for spaceship earth by Buckminster Fuller Operating manual for spaceship earth is a short book by R.

‎64 is the fewest number of tetrahedrons you need to form 2 octaves of perfectly balanced geometry... what Buckminster Fuller called the Vector equilibrium.  64 codons in human DNA  • 64 hexagrams in the I-Ching  • 64 cells is how many we have before our cells star to bifurcate shortly after birth  • 64 things are needed to be able to approach the Ark of the Covenant according to the copper scrolls among the Dead Sea Scrolls  • 64 is fundamental in computer memory and coding / Sacred…

64 perfectly stacked tetrahedrons create 2 octaves of a perfectly balanced geometry called the cuboctahedron, or what Buckminster Fuller coined the "Vector equilibrium". According to the physics of.

“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

Happy Birthday to Inventor, Designer, Architect and Theorist R. Buckminster Fuller, who was born on this day in


RB Fuller - this is a patent-technical drawing for a geodesic structure based on the spherical geometric form he developed. I am a big fan of technical drawings as art.