Maybe with the curtains all the way down to the floor... :)

40 Ways To Makeover Your Kids' Bedroom In A Weekend (With Their Help!)

Bunk bed curtains on wire curtain hangers

After all of this adventuring lately, I was itching to do something hands-on creative today so I dug out a project that's been sitting in the back of my head for awhile. Ever since getting the kids.

No-sew bottom bunk fort (or, a good way to hide the catastrophe under Tyler's lofted bed) - did this today.  Used a $7 tension rod from Wal-Mart and an old bedsheet.  Threaded the top of the sheet through the tension rod, and instant fort!

Awesome for the boys' new bunk beds! Who doesn't love a fort! And "no sew"--perfect! :) The No-Sew Bottom Bunk Fort

Making this for Calvin's bed next a non-floral print, of course. :)

Tent on top bunk . Source: Delightful Distractions - HOME SWEET HOME. Easy DIY using fabric or even sheets. For bottom, build in rod and use curtain hangers or tack Velcro to wood and panel for a more stationary curtain. For top bunk, hang from ceiling.

pvc bunk bed fort!  the boys will LOVE this!!!

PVC bunk bed fort - modify to be privacy curtains for upper bunk

I love how she turned an annoying bunk bed into a fun bunk bed fort for her daughter! I have to try this. {}

Who knew that this annoying space could turn into such a fun bunk bed fort

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