Crochet Pattern: Lil’ Buzz Lightyear

Crochet Pattern: Lil' Buzz Lightyear Lil’ Buzz Lightyear is made according to one of my all time favourite Disney movies, Toy Story. Buzz is always seen as a tough guy, now we finally get to see his.

Day 5: Favorite Hero- Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story). Buzz may not have actual super powers, but he is always willing to fight for his friends. This bighearted guy really cares about his other toy buddies. Whenever they're in danger, Buzz will go to "infinity and beyond" to give them a hand. #hero #toystory #toinfinityandbeyond

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Create a magical moment with our Buzz Lightyear life size cardboard cutout! Life size Buzz Lightyear cutout decoration stands tall and features your favorite Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear.