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How to Use Cake Stencils: Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

Those Who Bake Cake Stencil » How fun is this?!

Personalised Quote Cake Stencil by SophiaVictoriaJoyLtd on Etsy

My favorite holiday traditions usually revolve around food. Sweet, savory... Im not picky! But I...

DIY Cake & Beverage Stencil (A Beautiful Mess)

DIY Cake & Beverage Stencil - Dress up your baked goods and drinks with these free DIY stencils!

How to stencil-paint a cake | Learn how from Gateaux Inc on TheCakeBlog.com. Via @thecakeblog. #cakes #DYI

Stencil-Painted Rose Cake

Learn how to make this gorgeous hand-painted rose cake, using cake stencils and an innovative cake decorating technique.