Camping games (adults 21 and over- or younger with modifications). Yes please!

Camping Drinking Games: Blow Hard Cards - Image by bitchplz May need to remember these for rainy days at the camper

Card drinking games can typically be great icebreakers when you're trying to ease any potential social awkwardness if you're with a group of people that might not know each other too well. Don't worry though, pick a card game or two from our list of the Top 10 Card Drinking Games, and you'll all be best friends before you know it.

The Cards Against Humanity drinking game introduces new incentives for winning through adding alcohol-based penalties for losing a round.


the Bus Drinking Game If you need to get some beer drank, this is the game. A fast-paced, relatively simple card game that involves a heavy amount of drinking for certain players. Best played in moderation.

Drunk Jenga!! Rules are included.

The real way to play Jenga. The Jenga drinking game. // maybe not this intense, but alternate Jenga could be fun.

If you've never played Boom Cup (AKA Slap Cup) before, you're missing out. Perfect for your morning pre-game at #CountryFest! #drinkinggames #camping

Boom Cup Drinking Game Rules

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Battleship pong is a fun and interactive drinking game for you and your friends. You though regular beer pong was hard, now the cups are moving targets!