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Most BOO-tiful Halloween tattoos are here to help you get ready for the most terrifying day of the year!

Some of the Coolest Classic Cartoon Network Tattoos - Space Ghost Leg to Leg | Guff

Some of the Coolest Classic Cartoon Network Tattoos

Baby Sylvester ..... ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! This made me laugh after I looked at it for a few seconds :)

Cat tattoos have also caught a great of attention of late as a coveted animal to mark our body with! Here are some amazing cat tattoo designs for women to pick from.

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I would never get a cartoon character tat....but had to pin this Hobbes one because its too stinkin' cute!

Am thinking whether to go tiger or toy calvin-and-hobbes-the-tattoo-coming-soon

Funny, weird and WTF images that will make your day better.

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