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character interview - this would be great to dig into a character; also did an activity with my seniors about what makes a character memorable: instead of doing it as a class, they can do it in groups

character profile template novel - Google Search

The essence of all dream books are the numbers associated with the symbols describing the dreams.

Character Traits or use to describe Historical person.  Student to draw what they think person looks like and write sentences to describe and explain.

Peterson's Pad: Smart Readers Under Construction Character Map Also has a great Did You Know? Worksheet for Non-Fiction Text.

Character Profile Mod

Character Profile Worksheets

I've made character packets for you dears which I hope will help you organize your characters' traits in one central location. Have you ever written a character who had short, lus.

character bio

A Guide to Creating Interesting Fictional Characters

Character Chart for writing books. Great way to keep track of character traits and personality!

Love this! You can't play someone you don't know. This Character Development Worksheet will help get to know your character.

What do you know about your characters?