Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Blanket. Very interesting technique of layering fabrics, sewing parallel lines and then cutting some of the fabric layers.

Aesthetic Nest: Sewing: Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Blanket - Another similar chenille blanket tutorial.

chenille baby blanket sewing tutorial -- This is kind of amazing and seems so easy! Good thing I know of a lot of babies being born this year.

Sewing: Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Blanket by Anneliese/Aesthetic Nest, vafious shades of one colour of flanelette

CHEVRON CHENILLE BLANKET TUTORIAL (Its multiple layers of fabric all quilted together, and then the layers of fabric on the other side of the backing and batting are trimmed between the quilted stitch lines to create a pieced effect. )

Aesthetic Nest: Sewing: Chevron Chenille Baby Blanket (Tutorial) - I made one for my sister with five layers of flannel and loved how it turned out!

Cut Chenille Blanket | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cut Chenille Lesson: place several layers of flannel on top of a cotton print, sew across in narrowl parallel lines, cut the flannel on either side of the seams; wash and it becomes chenille!

Faux chenille baby blanket tutorial

Faux Chenille Baby Blanket

Chevron Chenille Blanket - The Ribbon Retreat Blog

If you love comfy and cozy blankets, this is the tutorial for you. This Chevron Chenille Blanket is gorgeous and perfect for keeping you cozy and warm.

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