I love this script!   I would want it to say capricorn and incorporate it into my zen sleeve. ..

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The Tattoo Chicano Design by Big Sleeps is a big scale lettering tattoo design placed on the top of the shoulder and falling down the back.

neomexinaismos so true, when you are born in the U.S. this is what happens

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And not just Chicanos either. Latinos are too American for Latin Americans and too Latin American for the U. "Ni de aqui, y ni de alla!

When asked about his inspiration, d’Eon told BuzzFeed, “The cards in the original deck have a kind of power, like the images in a tarot deck, and I liked the idea of claiming that heritage and imagery and giving it a new, queer, context.” | This Chicano Artist Revamped Lotería Cards To Celebrate Queer Identity

When asked about his inspiration, d'Eon told BuzzFeed,

La Luna Lesbian Loteria Mexican Female Latino Drawing Queer Art Ladies in love sharing the moon Felix d'Eon - Large Print