Child Development Chart - The First Five Years - A month to month chart outlining expected development of children's Social, Self-Help, Gross-Motor, Fine-Motor, and Language skills from Birth - 5 Years

This poster links theorists and theories to the four domains of child development, physical, social, emotional and cognitive. It gives you a clear understanding of the theories that fit into these domains.

Helping Your Child Develop Through Play

Everything revolves around play, and play is learning. I'm a huge fan of all the toys available these days and walking down the baby toy aisle is quite fun. I love seeing how educational and interactive so many toys .

Preschool Milestones: Ages 3 to 5

Early Childhood years) Developmental Milestones ages 3 to 5 chart. What child development skills you can expect will be mastered between these ages.

Printable Cereal Sorting Mat

Printable Cereal Sorting Mat: Super simple cognitive development activity for toddlers and preschoolers! By using larger circles, it allows children with low incidence disabilities to participate in the sorting activity.

Gross Motor Skills: Crossing the Midline

Gross motor skills such as crossing the midilne are important for a child& development. Round-up of posts about why it is important and how to encourage.

Child Developmental Milestones Guide

Description of disease Developmental milestones. Symptoms and causes Developmental milestones Prophylaxis Developmental milestones

How to Promote Your Child's Listening and Speaking Skills With Fun Activities

How to Keep Your Baby Smiling During Tummy Time

Positioning your baby on his tummy for play (Tummy Time) is so important for healthy child development. Here's some simple tummy time ideas!

30 Games and Activities for Self-Regulation

How can you support the development of self-regulation in kids? This huge resource is full of self-regulation games, information, books, and more!