CREAMY CHEESY POTATOES. These were really yummy, but I think thin sliced potatoes would work better than cutting them like fries.

Creamy cheesy potatoes

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Spend life with who makes you happy, not who you have to impress.

"Heidi," by Johanna Spyri. Introduction by Adeline B. Zachert. Illustrated by famous artist, Clara M. Burd.

Girls put down reading to cuddle kittens. Illustration by Clara M Burd. Heidi & Children of the Alps. Winston Company, “How!

Heidi / © Kim Minji - illustrator

Ma che ne sanno le stelle di tutti gli occhi che fanno alzare al cielo.

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Heidi, el Abuelo, Clara, Pedro, Copito de Nieve, Niebla y Pichí.

Heidi, Girl of the Alps Heidi (アルプスの少女ハイジ Arupusu no Shōjo Haiji) is a 1974 Japanese anime series based on the Swiss novel Heidi's Years of Wandering and Learning by Johanna Spyri