Watercolor Nautical Star Tattoo Idea

Pin Up Sailor Girl Tattoo Idea

Another watercolor style tattoo that is not just lovely but also full of meaning. It’s generally associated with directions and this could indicate the direction in life that you want to go to.

I don't believe that i would ever get this tattoo, but these colors are incredible.

How to Clean and Treat Your New Tattoo

These colors are incredible. Too much for me but the colors & art are beautiful

Graceful Lotus Tattoo...oh, how I want this!

The colors/water color look is very cool. Wouldn't mind coloring in my lotus flower tattoo one of these days

Mermaid Colorful Tattoo - 50  Examples of Colorful Tattoos  <3 <3

50+ Examples of Colorful Tattoos

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Oooohhhh I could get my smiley tattoo done in the watercolor style. I would only want one or two paws, and I wouldn't want them to blend together like this.

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo on Arm.

60 Awesome Watercolor Tattoo Designs