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An Eight-Step Plan to Get PR-Driven Links

26231529_1623712367683448_7752519002778610018_n.jpg 382×960 pixels

26231529_1623712367683448_7752519002778610018_n.jpg 382×960 pixels

Another proof that older people have always bitched and will always keep bitching about the younger generations

Adam Ruins Millennials.

I'm glad you put the Christian one in cause a lot of people think that all Christians are Christian™

People need to realize that there’s a difference between straight people and Straight People™. Just like how there are white people who are gay and then there are the White Gays™<< I have never loved a post more. God bless whoever made this

• young sensei •

• young sensei •

Affinity Ultima Bon Appetite pet food packaging designed by Marcal Prats -

Affinity Ultima Bon Appetite (Concept)

Invoice Design by Stereotypes, aka Sascha Timplan

Invoice Like A Pro: Design Examples and Best Practices

It's not funny just something important

One of my biggest complaints about sexism is that people think its okay for a girl to dress boyish and just call her a tomboy but if a boy dresses like a girl theres something wrong with true too

Ever feel like people treat you the way they wouldn't want to be treated? Here a chance to recognize that. Some of our cultural norms reveal that many people operate by some pretty messed up double standards. This comic puts those standards side-by-side so we can understand exactly what's wrong here and do something to make sure we all get the respect we deserve.

This comic explains the different views some societies have and what personal attitudes they live by from day to day interactions.

Kelly Reemtsen’s Painterly Juxtapositions of Chic Dresses and Power Tools Showcase Modern Femininity

"skirt work" Kelly Reemtsen’s Painterly Juxtapositions of Chic Dresses and Power Tools Showcase Modern Femininity

Sorry for bad photo joining, but I felt that everyone should see this.

Soft racism, that most don't realize is racism. Except for the rice thing, there's no way that guy didn't realize what he was saying. And the hat person - I don't see how that has anything to do with race?


ARCHITECT'S DRESS CODE - "Apart from their dress code, the other similarities among the male architects are either bald or balding" hahah, loove :)