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Crosspoint Waterproof socks from Showers Pass! Now you can have all the comfort of dry feet, regardless of your shoes!

For those whom getting out of bed can be a challenge, this would allow us to work from home!

Overbed Table

9 Weird Cool things to buy on Amazon for cheap today

Funny pictures about The Devil's Pet. Oh, and cool pics about The Devil's Pet. Also, The Devil's Pet.

30 Cool Things to Buy

Furniture, Various Soft Cushions In Different Sizes And Colors Can Be Used To Decorate A Childs Playroom Becomes More Attractive: Creative Floor Pillow Ideas for Living Room Interior

Tempescope. Oh good the Phoenix version would just sit there doing nothing but being too hot to touch every day.

Previous Pinner's comment to funny to delete:"Tempescope. Oh good the Phoenix version would just sit there doing nothing but being too hot to touch every day.

Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer - Urban Outfitters This would be awesome!

Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer

19 Stupid Products That People Actually Purchased Famepace

Like a hidey-hole for a couch/bed. I like my privacy, even in bed, so this looks amazing to me.

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Kuzy - Newest Rainbow Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin for MacBook Pro (with or w/out Retina Display) iMac and MacBook Air - Newest Rainbow

Perfect gift for a writer/hipster!

Perfect gift for a writer/hipster! I have an actual typewriter I'm not planning on giving up, but this would be fun.

Zombie-Hand-Ice-Mold • Walletburn | Product Discovery, Cool Stuff to Buy.

Zombie-Hand-Ice-Mold • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Glowing Memo Alarm Clock - Aside from the LED alarm clock, this hub features a unique illuminated memo board. Using one of the two included pens, write yourself a reminder about tomorrow’s meeting and wake up to it in a mesmerizing blue glow.

This is so cool! I am going to buy this for my room you know once I get my phone back :)

Item not found - item KK 02 Handset Dock Stand with Hands Free for iPhone 4 iPhone 5 Pink 8110000 3979854

Jellyfish Tank..maybe one day I'll have one in my living room.

Jellyfish: man's new best friend? It's finally possible with the Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Jellyfish can't live in a regular fish tank because they will get stuck in corners and sucked into filtration intakes.