Bulletproof tattoo.  #strong #fearless #tattoos - this one may be a little off of your idea, but i sort of like it. @b dubble

The song is super annoying, but I love the meaning of it and this tat would be amazing to have!

Antlers tattoo by Marquinho Andre

65 Acceptable Tattoo Ideas For Women With High Standards

I love this as a thigh tattoo

Want a deer skull and bull skull together. Or maybe her flower behind the deer skull. Done on left foot as of

If I were more of a hunter this would be super cute... maybe with a different flower...

Tabitha Shafran

"Roses and Pacifist. Not a huge fan of rose tattoos, but this is the way to do it. love love love the antlers.

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Charming Black Small Quote Tattoos for Girls - Hot Back Small Quote. - Tattoo - Sexy: Black words tattoos for girl by Quote Tattoos

Perfect tattoo for a country girl :)                              …

fishing hook,deer antler shaped in a heart PERFECT! Jason on the hook side and Uncle Lynn on the antler side !