Rocco has a great cry face - it's so cute and pathetic at the same time LOL

Best pictures of babies crying. The cutest crying baby pictures. They're mad, they're sad, they're so darn cute! Check out these adorable and funny images.

I'm a Sensitive Person and I'm Proud

I'm a Sensitive Person and I'm Proud

We feel emotions such as sadness and as a result cry because of our frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is associated with emotion.

Lea Seydoux crying during the press conference for Blue is the Warmest Colour in Cannes

French actress Lea Seydoux cries as she attends on May 2013 a press conference for the film 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' (La Vie d'Adele - Chapitre 1 & presented in Competition at the e.

Break the social norms. Men have feelings. Show your emotions; vibrantly.

“What Real Men Cry Like” & “What Real Women Laugh Like” - Maud Fernhout Photoseries aimed to combat stereotypes and gender roles. For the rest of the photos and quotes of the participants click.

Ya'll are the conductors of this express.

18 Things You'll Understand If You And Your Best Friend Are Hot, Twentysomething Messes

Emoticons are pretty important:  Harvard cognitive scientist Steven Pinker says they're an extremely useful linguistic evolution. The Oxford English Dictionary named "crying face" the word of the year. Humans collectively send 6 billion emoticons every day. But they don't teach emoticons in school, and some of them are actually hard to understand — at least for some of us.

Here’s what every emoticon really means

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When someone makes a joke about something you're low key insecure about

...sorrow | When I draw a character, very often as I'm doing a face, my face mirrors the expression. Matthew Ashford

2011 Pulitzer Prize Winners for Breaking News Photography

2011 Carol Guzy, Nikki Kahn and Ricky Carioti The Washington Post For their up-close portrait of grief and desperation after a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti.


Kim Kardashian’s crying face…

Funny pictures about Kim Kardashian's crying face. Oh, and cool pics about Kim Kardashian's crying face. Also, Kim Kardashian's crying face.

슬픈장면 이메레스 by Deeppink Man from Somewhere over the rainbow on Naver Blog

somewhere over the rainbow — Well, I made but i didn’t this yet, so I’ll!