This is Frozen Snowflake she is 17 years old and is a crystal pony. Her little sister is Snowdrop. She is so exited to be a animal foster , she loves dogs. She is also good at freezing things.

This is SilverMist she is 14 and she has no powers as well! Her sister is Dimond Tiara! SilverMist is a crystal pony as well as Dimond Tiara! SilverMist loves snowflakes and has a rock collection! SilverMist and Dimond Tiara must be adopted together!

Photo of Crystal Ponies for fans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

This is Kaelin Spin, his cutie mark is a spiky circle with wind in the middle because he's a fast flyer and is epic and video games! His sibs are Macy Paws, Bailey Surf, and Wyatt Storm

Crystal Derpy - Someone show me the link to the MLP website wherever it is. Let's bring Derpy Hooves back in all her glory! `O` (battle cry) DERPY! DERPY! DERPY! DERPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Crystal Derpy Let's bring Derpy Hooves back in all her glory! `O` (battle cry)…