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Perfect little home office when you don't have a lot of room! This is perfect for a corner of our bedroom that you can work at! Great for a small home office inspiration!

DIY Desk Calendar Water color cardstock

20 Cubicle Decor Ideas to Make Your Office Style Work as Hard as You Do

Discover these clever DIY bedroom decorating ideas such as a desk calendar, rooted plants, mudcloth print chair, hanging planters, and more. For more DIY and bedroom decorating ideas go to Domino.

#1 DIY Desk Calender Want something stylish on your desk to tell the dates ,try out these DIY desk calenders. Click here to find out the steps for this simple D

14 Teen Room Decoration Ideas

When it comes to summer you have a lot of time on your hands and after a while it gets pretty boring. So, here are 7 DIYS that can help you make the most of you

DIY mousepad | dorm decor | dorm DIY | easy DIY | crafts | college | desk | cute desk ideas | 14 Cheap But Cute Dorm Room DIYs

14 Cheap But Cute Dorm Room DIYs

Cute desk decor is important in preppy dorm rooms!

25 Preppy Dorm Rooms To Copy

You can spend endless hours shopping for dorm decor. So, we picked the cutest preppy dorm rooms to copy with stripes, florals, and ofcourse, Lily patterns!

Gold accessories for the office

Fill your desk with stuff you love and put a little pretty in your workday

The best office desk accessory is the plant that never dies! Adorable DIY cactus rock project. Even better than the real thing!

Not a real plant, but oh so decorative - make your own stone-cactus and pretend that you have real cactuses at home.

Sparklyblonde101 is the bomb she has a lot of pretty stuff so if you don't mind go ahead over to you tube.just search sparklyblonde101 and and tell her I sent you please and.thank you

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