Love this  Book Paper Diorama with light  by artist MalenaValcarcel, On sale on Etsy for $631.

Diorama - Book Paper Diorama with light - Great Comfort. On a wooden black painted base I have placed a sofa with a cushion, a footstool with an

manualidades con papel #manualidadesparniños #papercrafts Paper cut out with projection on top possibility

Mar Cerdà's Watercolor Dioramas Resemble Film Stills

Illustrator Mar Cerdà creates small, charming dioramas out of cut paper. When viewed just right, the scenes appear life-sized and reminiscent film stills.

Framed original art. Diorama styled or 2d papercuts layered with paper to make 3d. The shapes are hand cut and then glued together. The image is of a mountain with the hills leading up to it in shades of red and oranges. Its like looking at a mountain thats covered in trees and other plants. No actual mountains were deliberately depicted in the making of this art piece. 9x9 glass framed art. Frame can sit on a desktop or hung on a wall. Pictures taken without glass to reduce glare. Product…

Intricate Cut Paper Shapes Produce Dramatic Dioramas Eric Pow of POWpaper creates a strong visual impact with his colorful paper craft. Cutting pieces in sections, he layers the compositional.

DIY Diorama de papel · Caja de luz · DIY Paper diorama lightbox · Fábrica de Imaginación · Tutorial in Spanish

DIY Diorama de papel

Tutorial is in Spanish, but you can translate easily in a browser like Chrome

Shadow box assemblage sculpture by CristinaGrueso on Etsy

This is a one of a kind handmade papier-mache box, inside sits a hand scuplted polymer clay doll. Box is 4 inches high and inches wide. Doll is inches high in her sitting position.

by Marcella Ferreira  Where the wild things are

These are some of the prettiest shadow boxes I have ever seen. I have loved this form of art since I was small, felt it had enormous potential for real magic, but have so rarely seen something truly special.

My Paper Boat - Original paper diorama - Shadow box

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Un mundo en una caja de queso. Pequeños dioramas hechos a base de papel

Un mundo en una caja de queso