Elizabeth Taylor, a rare photo where you can really see her Amazing Violet Eyes.

Do natural violet eyes exist? Did Elizabeth Taylor have these eye or blue? What makeup tips for violet eyes can you use? Get answers to this and much more on purple eye color.

Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor

Actress Elizabeth Taylor by photographer Richard Avedon Her famous violet eyes are gorgeous!

Elizabeth Taylor: "I don’t entirely approve of some of the things I have done, or am, or have been. But I’m me. God knows, I’m me." (IMDB)

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Elizabeth Taylor defined modern celebrity and is considered the last classic Hollywood icon. Elizabeth Taylor Trust and Elizabeth Taylor Estate.

Do as Liz and dress in pearls. In Sefina web shop are several pearl necklaces to choose. ~ Gör som Liz och klä dig i pärlor. I Sefinas webshop finns flera pärlcollier att välja mellan.

Elizabeth Taylor-“Don’t call me an icon, honey. An icon is something you hang in a Russian church. Call me Dame Elizabeth, or call me an aging movie star. I am not an icon.

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Liz Taylor- I am fully content staring at this photo for as long as I live.

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What do you think of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes? I think she has the best eyes I've ever seen. Her eye color has a really pretty dark blue shade. In a lot of her pictures her eyes appear violet, that's so. asked under Other

Elizabeth Talor wearing Bulgari's famous emerald collar with beautiful emerald and diamond drops.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing Bulgari's famous emerald collar with beautiful emerald and diamond drops.

Liz Taylor, so beautiful & great smile

Liz Taylor, so beautiful & great smile