Elizabethan Lace Collar. Love all the different shapes inside each lace square.

petitpoulailler: “ ornamentedbeing: ca 1610 Lace collar possibly cut loose from a camicia or a linen partlet (there are still linen strips in the bottom half, Venetian;

Dressing the Tudor Way

Dressing the Tudor Lady Dressing, at least for the upper class was very complicated and often required several ladies in waiting/maids to help dress the women. The lower class was just more 'lets hope this is warm enough for today'

You know I had to like this. Elizabethan Fashion for Men

Elizabethan Fashion for Men

See all the runway and model photos from the John Galliano Fall 2008 Menswear collection.

015 Elizabethan Sleeves

- The Elizabethan Lady's Sleeves Pattern by Margo Anderson Includes : 1 Sewing Pattern Sizes: 2 to 30 all included in one envelope. This pattern is printed on white bond paper. includes several popular sleeve styles of the era Paned Cap and spanish sleeve

Sheer shakespear neckruffle | Sarah Burton Channels Elizabethan Fashion for Alexander McQueen Fall ...

Sarah Burton Channels Elizabethan Fashion for Alexander McQueen Fall Collection

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Elizabethan Hairstyle was never a simple thing though. Any of the popular hairstyles you saw on women were very detailed. They were rarely just straight and normal as you might see on many women today.

My Hair Blog: Four Elizabethan Hair Styles

Here I am going to look into four different hair styles that the Elizabethan women would have worn. The Snood/Caul Snoods resemble hair .