Emma Thompson- beautiful version of older Eve Malcouer.

How ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Saved Emma Thompson

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Emma Thompson. We may not agree on all subjects, but she is a model of poise, intelligence, wit, and thoughtfulness.

Actor and writer Emma Thompson has admitted, “When I lose my temper, I find it difficult to forgive myself. I feel I’ve failed." / From my post Dealing with anger and other demons.

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Inspirational people: Julie Andrews and Emma Thompson. Both amazingly talented and beautiful women. Both elegant, fierce and amazing speakers.

Julie Andrews Photos Photos: 'Saving Mr. Banks' Premieres in Burbank — Part 3

Julie Andrews and Emma Thompson aka Maria VonTrap and Eleanor Dashwood, two of my favourite characters of all time (even though Maria was technically a real person).

Emma Thompson (1959) - British actress, comedienne, screenwriter and author. Photo © Xavier Martin, Paris, 2006

Proof that a sense of humour adds to a sense of style! Emma Thompson - British actress, comedienne, screenwriter and author.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson--awesome actress and writer. I still adore her for Sense and Sensibility.