Comment me a character and an emoji! I shall do as many as a want! >:3 (Credit to the tumblr user who made this chart)

I made an Emoji Challenge!Basically if you’re doing it someone sends you an emoji with a character and you draw that character with the given expression.

Strawberry Flavor

Yoooo this ain't mine but comment down below an OC of yours (or mine) and a number/letter and I'll draw it d:

my constant expression is either b1 or d4. also, when i get home im a4.

Y'all pick witch one you want me to do my OC( me ). Basically pick an expression yall want me to draw

Emoji Challenge by ShinySmeargle

I've been wanting to do this in a very long time but I just don't have any free time because there's so many things going on in my mind. So, since I don. Emoji challenge[PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)

i really wanna do this with my headcannon davepeta, request please?

nina-rosa-draw: “ My own expression meme! Give me a character and an expression, and I’ll (maybe) draw it! …You can mix two expressions for a character if you want too. (it will just be quick.

Emoji page by HR9 | so this is the thing I went by for the emoji challenge, it's not mine! How do you think I did with making the different expressions I did? XD eh, I had fun.

Comment an OC(can be yours) or a character you'd like to see with the expression number and letter. I'd like to work on my facial expressions!

meabhd:  Emoji Challenge: The Lunar Chronicles

Kai, Cinder, Thorne, Cress, Scarlet and Iko template challenge Scarlet tho I'm choking😂