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Omg, these past few weeks there has been SO many NaLu moments my heart can't take it!:iconomgsocuteplz: Just random NaLu moments. O___O (yesss~~

I'm not so sure about Mavis and Zeref just yet, but I love the others

Fairy Tail Ships: NaLu - GrUvia - GaLe - JeRza - Zeref x Mavis (sry dont no their ship name)

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Well this is how my father would be like, if he sees me together with my boyfriend I made the meme, but not the pictures. I ship Bacchus x Cana so hard~. Boyfriend - Reaction of my father

Fairy Tail's couples. <3 | Anime/manga: Fairy Tail [Lucy Heartfilia x Natsu Dragneel / Bisca Mulan/Connell x Alzack Connell / Aquarius x Scorpio / Levy McGarden x Gajeel Redfox / Juvia Lockser x Gray Fullbuster / Jenny Realight x Hibiki Lates / Sherry Blendy x Ren Akatsuki / Erza Scarlet x Jellal Fernandes / Evergreen x Elfman Strauss / Kinana x Erik (Cobra)]

Fairy Tail Natsu et Lucy Arzak et Biska Scorpio et Aquarius Gajeel et Reby Gray et Juvia Hibiki et Jenny Ren et Cherry Jellal et Erza Elfman et Evergreen Cobra et Kinana

Fairy Tail children of couples

If that's true,Chelia(if that's how you spell it)will have an older brother named Sting(if that's also how you spell it).

it’s not a sin to fall in love. Also ignore the language that is in here. All credits go to the author

Damn it I cried I dont even cry about stuff like this ‍♀️ Gajeel and Levy the cutest couple in fairytail alongside Gray and Juvia.