Real eyes realize real lies.

this includes old "classmates" looked up on FB and all of the female colleagues that are wined/dined, shared coffee with. And includes staying out all night long--at work?

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If someone wasnt faithful to you, they didn't love you. They didn't care about breaking your heart. When you truly love someone, being faithful & trusting someone is the most natural thing. can I get an AMEN!

Amen! I preferred Real or nothing!!! In all my relationships, from family to friends and romantic relationships!

relationship quotes I do not want someone who stands next to me because they are lonely. I want someone who stands next to me because they cannot imagine standing next to anyone else.

We're already pretty sure of this. Where would we be if we weren't together?

This man! He loves my flaws He soothes my grumpy days He made a life of pain fade away OH! ya, if he cn get thru ths ol grumpy days well then!

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