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Poem: The Tears of Fallen Angels

Angels and fairies signify purity and love. There are also tattoos that depict a broken or fallen angel with a sad posture and withered wings. Some designs are of guardian angel ready to strike with her power.

Crying Small Fallen Angel tattoo on back shoulder

Crying angel - done with black, shades of grey, and lavender with the saying "The ones that love us, Never really leave us.

A tattoo design done for a friend based on David Beckhams fallen angel

A tattoo design done for a friend based on David Beckhams fallen angel Tattoo Design

cuando uno cae y sus alas nunca se dañan y siempre se levanta y sigue luchando....  aaaa quisiera un tatuaje así

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She was an angel craving chaos..He was a demon seeking peace..

She was an angel craving chaos. He was a demon seeking peace. I have my demons, but I seek the one who can help me find peace.

Angel Tattoos | Pin Image Angel Tattoo Design By Daniellehopejpg Tattoos Wiki picture ... Like this but more fairie-ish

Angel_Tattoo_Design_by_DanielleHope.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by poloq. Find other Angel_Tattoo_Design_by_DanielleHope.jpg pictures and photos .

we sin as devils do, we love as angels do. Mr. NAMELESS NOTORIOUS™

They sin as demons and they love as angels. It is the whole reason that we coexist. If you get rid of the demons, you´ll kill the angels too.

"Girl and Angel" by Charlie Mackesy #drawing #pencil #art                                                                                                                                                                                 More

View artist Charlie Mackesy's portfolio of drawings. From drawings he made on the set of Love Actually, his Prodigal series, and Jazz club drawings.

gorgeous wing tattoo idea ! I wouldn't mind this. It kind of reminds me of a fallen angel wing.

Broken Wings - Prologue: Paislee Remembers

Icarus Ink Wing tattoo by Brandon McCamey, via Behance. Normally I don't like wings, but these I could do. Or maybe a feather with these colors.