Fern leaf tattoo on the right wrist, titled 'Horticulture Fluidity'. Done by Mowgli

Fern leaf tattoo on the right wrist, titled ‘Horticulture Fluidity’. Tattoo artist: Mowgli Plus

Small fern tattoo

I remember my grandmother always had ferns in her garden. They are hardy plants that can pretty much grow and thrive regardless of their environment

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Ukrainian tattoo artist, Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina is redoing the way tattoos are created. By dipping leaves and other plants in tattoo stencil ink, Rit Kit,


Our native ferns or A history of the British species & their varieties London Groombridge


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I've researched for its several meanings: Sincerity towards others Magic Fascination Confidence Shelter Discretion Reverie A secret bond of love --- My name actually means shelter so this could be the perfect tattoo for me