"Overheard on the Titanic," a newspaper blackout poem by Austin Kleon.

Our Fifth Annual New York Times Found Poetry Student Contest

Found poetry, altered book

Found poetry, altered book // Hiding texts // books are already something that hides itself (means and sends different things to different people who reads it) May have hidden messages between the lines.

Found poetry and design made by drawing and coloring on an old book page.

Book page poetry (found poetry, black-out poetry, word art, redacted poem). Love the zentangle aspect of this.

The night overtakes us in an eager desire.    We soon lost sight of the sun.

Night Overtakesby ~carrieola The night overtakes us in an eager desire.We soon lost sight of the sun. Themed similar to Black Out Poetry, just a different take on it. Great for writing inspiration or giving a note to a loved one.

Found Poetry lesson -A Space to Create

Found Poetry Project - Blackout Poetry with Video Demonstrations

I really loved poetry growing up an I found this an thought wow I might be able to write my own!

Newspaper Blackout Poems: A Creative Way To Write Poetry

The clever part is knowing which words to leave // newspaper Blackout Poems poetry