Susanne Konig fox tattoo

❤Family❤ - first time I tattooed one of my furry hearts - really happy I could do that one on my friend Bianca!


90+ Fox Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

id like to do something with snow and forest mountains instead of desert.. this is awesome.

Perhaps something like this inside the silhouette of a crow ~ Только эскизы тату / Татуировка / Sketch tattoo

Geomterics And Fox Tattoo Guys Forearms

Fox Tattoo Designs For Males - Sly Ink Inspiration. *** Learn even more at the picture link

Natural & Simple Fox Tattoo Design

Fox tattoo designs are famous among men and usually sported on upper arms, back and chest. Extended fox tattoo designs are also popular which starts from arms and ends on lower abs passing through the chest area