25 Geeky Math Jokes To Celebrate Pi Day

25 Geeky Math Jokes To Celebrate Pi Day

This is actually incorrect.  In proper algebra you cannot cancel out the two "love"s because they are being added/subtracted, not multiplied/divided.  This equation is invalid.

Funny pictures about Maths of life. Oh, and cool pics about Maths of life. Also, Maths of life.

Image result for funny math quotes

Image result for funny math quotes

Question: Why are circles so hot? Answer: Because they’re 360 degrees. --- Follow My Math Jokes Board for more Math Humor: http://www.pinterest.com/mathfilefolder/math-jokes-humor/ #MathHumor #MathJokes

Introducing humor in a mathematics class, at any level, can help reduce students' math anxiety and make math more interesting. Math jokes can help make math fun

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Pure mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas - Albert Einstein

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Probably the lamest and most tame confession bear. I refer to this as 'The Caterpillar Challenge'.

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Best 30 Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week

Best 30 Funny Pictures And Quotes Of The Week

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Mr Smith buys 64 watermelons, eats of them the first day, and of the remaining watermelons each day thereafter.Can Mr Smith ever eat all 64 watermelons. Motivate your answer.