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How zodiac signs show their anger - every single one is correct for each member of my family.

I am every single one of these, depending one who said "quit being rude." Or depending on what I said a rude thing to.

So apparently I'm like a mix of Aries and Taurus cos I'm born on the nineteenth and there's nothing that describes my attitude better

The signs reacting to something funny  #Zodiac

if starts with tryna be serious, and then it's all burst out loud laughing, and then I'm full on uncontrollable giggles. and I'm a Capricorn.

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I say I can't flirt, but whenever I flirt people tell me I can. I read this and said, "well, I can flirt like a love God apparently. I can't flirt.

Haré fanart de esto algún día XD

*Looks over at the whole in the wall made when drunk. The wall looked at me funny.<<<<ok but leo flirty drunk

#gemini I blush like a little schoolgirl with just a crush, so I'm assuming I wud become red like a tomato if i ever fell in love lol

i would say i definitely blush and may smile a lot more if the guy is being funny or if he laughs at something, then i'll be more inclined to smile and laugh.especially if i think it was funny too Starry eyes - cancer

If Zodiac Signs Were Emoji -- pretty funny! Taurus spelled weird, tho...

If Zodiac Signs Were Emoji . . .